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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a Stretchy Bracelet

Learn How to Make a Stretchy Bracelet Using Aquamarine Rounds

Learn How to Make a Stretchy Bracelet Using Aquamarine Rounds

Most of our jewellery makers will tell you that the first piece of jewellery they made was a stretchy bracelet. Not only are they perfect for beginners to get started with, but they are also very stylish and you can personalise them to make them unique to your style.

Follow this easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial and create an abundance of these bracelets for yourself, your friends and family and you'll soon become more confident to try out new jewellery making techniques.

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Stretch out approx 50cm's of the elasticity and thread on your desired number of beads with a jump ring in between each one, finish with a charm carrier.


Step Two

Tie a basic overhand knot, one end over the other and back through the loop pulling the beads together.


Step Three

Tie an overhand knot again passing one end through twice and pull tight bringing the bracelet together


Step Four

Pull the beads each side of the knot slightly apart checking that it does not come undone. Add a little hypo cement or clear nail varnish to secure the knot and let it dry completely. Carefully trim off the excess elastic close to the knot.


Step Five

Using flat nose pliers open a jump ring, add your charm and connect to the charm carrier to complete the bracelet.


Final Piece

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