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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a Christmas stacker charm stretchy bracelets.

How to make Christmas themed Stretchy bracelets.

Step one.

Cut a 30cm length of the Elastic, run the elastic through your thumb and forefinger stretching it as you go. do this a few times to condition the Elastic.


Step two

Thread on 17cm of the Gold 8/0 Miyuki seed beads.


Step three.

With round and flat-nose pliers, add a jump ring to one of each charm.


Step four.

Add the candy cane charm, 3 gold seed beads, the present charm, 3 gold seed beads then the gingerbread charm.


Step five.

tTo finish the bracelet, tie an overhand knot and pull tight, tie another double overhand knot, pull tight, add a drop of glue. when dry neatly trim. Repeat these steps to make a red bracelet and green bracelet.

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