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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create Flower Earrings

Learn how to make flower style earrings using Ripple Preciosa Beads

Learn how to make flower style earrings using Ripple Preciosa Beads

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Step One

Take a length approx 60cm's of 0.4mm wire thread on a seed bead, a small petal then a large petal. Make sure the petals are all threaded on the same way around, we have threaded them all concave way up. Repeat threading on 7 sets


Step Two

Holding small and large petal together bend the wires down and twist a couple of time and you would using the tiara twist technique


Step Three

Bring up the next seed bead and let it sit next to the first petal, bring the next pair of petals approx 4mm away from the seed bead, hold in place and twist as previous facing the petal the same way. Go gently when twisting the wires to avoid snapping


Step Four

Repeat step 3 until all 7 sets of petals are done


Step Five

Pass the ends of the wire in opposite directions through the last seed bead and pull bringing the flower together


Step Six

The ends of the wire can now be used to weave in and out of the petals to hold them in place. Leave approx 8cm's of each end making sure they meet at the same point


Step Seven

Holding the two 8cm ends together and add on 5 seed beads. Using round nose pliers create a wrapped loop and trim off the excess wire


Step Eight

Add shepherd hooks to create earrings

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