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How to create Gemstone Cufflinks

Learn how to make gemstone cufflinks

Learn how to make gemstone cufflinks

The festive season is fast approaching which means dusting off your favourite sparkly shoes, dressing to the nines and putting on all your ‘wow’ accessories.

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to make a gorgeous pair of Ruby cuff links.

It was once believed that the Ruby gemstone could remove sadness and prevent illness, making it a very thoughtful gemstone to gift to a loved one this Christmas.

Ruby is also one of the most sought-after gemstones during the festive season as the warm rich colours have many significant comparisons to both religious and commercial symbols.

Have a go at making your own and pair with your favourite blazer or shirt to complete your outfit!

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Step one

Cut a 15cm length of the 0.4mm gold wire. Cut the strand of ruby and pick out two that match. Thread one ruby to the wire. Pull the wires up to meet in the middle of the ruby.


Step two

With round nose pliers twist the wires round to create 1cm of twisted wire above the ruby.


Step three

Hold the wire above the ruby with the round nose pliers, bend the wire back over the pliers then down and around under the pliers to form a wrapped loop.


Step four

Continue to wrap the wire around to form a little bead cap. Trim the excess wire.


Step five

Open the jump ring in the centre of the toggle clasp, take off the round end of the clasp and pop on the ruby loop then close. Repeat steps 1 - 5 to create the other cufflink.


Step six

To make the double stone cufflink, repeat steps 1 - 4 making 4 ruby loops this time. Separate the jump rings from the toggle clasps and connect two ruby's together.

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