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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a Gemstone Feature Wirework Ring

Learn how to make a Gemstone Wirework Ring

Learn how to make a Gemstone Wirework Ring

Make a beautiful tumble gemstone wirework ring with this step by step tutorial. You can use any tumble of your choice but for this tutorial, we have used Jadeite.

The design is simple yet effective and the wirework encases the tumble in a neat and secure way.

You can use a variety of different coloured wires including gold, silver, rose gold, pink and more!

Have a go at pairing the gemstone with matching wire and don’t forget to share the final design with us on our social media channels.
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Step One

Taking approx 45cm's of 0.8 or 1mm wire thread on the tumble stone through the drill hole to the centre of the wire and bend both side's as shown


Step Two

Place the stone onto the ring mandrel at the size of the ring required and using your thumb to hold in place, take each side of the wire around the mandrel and back up to the stone without crossing the wires


Step Three

With a wire each side of the stone wrap each one around 2 or 3 times until you have the desired look


Step Four

Trim the wire each side to approx 3 or 4 cms


Step Five

Now holding the stone and the wire wraps in place firmly with your thumb take the flat nose pliers and wrap the ends around the ring shank a couple of times to hold everything in place


Step Six

Repeat step 5 on the other side and place the ring back on the mandrel to reshape the ring


Step Seven

Trim the excess wires and push in any sharp cut ends with flat nose pliers


Final Piece

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