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Skill Level: Basic
jewellery making hints and tips

How to create a Impressart - stamping


Step One

Use your blank disc and draw around it on a piece of paper. Mark out where you need to punch or drill holes for jump rings


Step Two

Place the disc onto the steel block and transfer your design onto the stamping guild, place your guild on the disc and secure with masking tape to the steel block


Step Three

Select the metal stamps you need taking notice that on one side of the stamp is the letter or design, this needs to face towards you while stamping to be the right way up. Hold the stamp and bring it down to the stamp guide until you feel it connect, hit the stamp once sharply with the hammer. Continue until your design is complete


Step Four

Use a hole punch to make holes for jump rings. Cover the area with masking tape to protect the disc from scratches mark a dot on the tape and line up the hole punch with the marked spot and punch the hole


Step Five

Use the stamp enamel marker to highlight your design, leave 2 to 3 minutes and wipe off with a soft piece of kitchen towel, you can repeat this to fill any missed area


Step Six

Use jump rings to join your design together and add a chain and a clasp


Finished project

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