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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a Highstreet Inspired Jadeite Bracelet

Learn how to make a Jadeite Bracelet

Learn how to make a Jadeite Bracelet

Jadeite is a pyroxene mineral and the rarer form of two types of pure Jade. It is usually opaque to transparent in a range of colours from green to pink!

Jadeite can have a glass-like quality and is linked to being a mystical and magical gemstone.

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to make a simple, knotted Jadeite bracelet. You will also learn how to make a slider clasp to make putting on and removing the bracelet quick and convenient.

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Step one

Cut a 1meter length of the S-lon cord, tie a knot at one end then thread on 11 jadeite plus 1 extra for finishing.


Step Two

Tie a knot at the other end of the cord 15cms from the end. Push the 1st jadeite up to the knot.


Step three

Tie an overhand knot and place over the T pin, pull the knot up to the 1st jadeite. Make sure there is no gap between the jadeite and the T-pin.


Step four

Slide the next jadeite up to the T-pin


Step five

Remove the T-pin and push the jadeite up to the knot, making sure there is no gap between the previous jadeite and the knot.


Step six

Tie another overhand knot and place on the T-pin. Pull the knot tight up to the previouse jadeite, slide the next jadeite up to the T-pin.


Step seven

Remove the T-pin, push the jadeite up to the knot closing the gap between the jadeite and previous knot. repeat this until 11 jadeites are knotted with the last jadeite lose. (This last jadeite is there to push the last knot against the 11th jadeite. Cut the knot at the very end of the cord and take off this jadeite.)


Step eight

Take the two cord ends and place diagonally across the corner of a macrame board.


Step nine

Cut a 1/2 meter of S-lon cord and tie an overhand knot onto the cords on the board.


Step 10

take the right-hand cord and form a 'P' shape over the two cords, take the left strand and pass the end under and up through at the base of the 'P', then pull both cords tight.


Step eleven

Take the left cord and form a 'd' shape over the two cords. pass the right-hand cord under, up and through the base of the 'd' shape. pull both cords tight. These two steps form one square knot. repeat steps Ten and Eleven to create five square knots in total. This forms a sliding clasp.


Step twelve

Take the bracelet off the board. where the two square knot cords exit the sliding clasp, add a dab of glue, being careful not to add glue to the centre cords. Leave to dry then trim.


Step thirteen

With the two remaining centre cords, tie a knot 4cm from the sliding clasp on each cord. add a jadeite then secure in place with another knot. add a dab of glue to the second knot. leave to dry and trim.

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