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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a Kumihimo Style Beaded Necklace

Learn how to created a Kumihimo necklace using seed beads

Learn how to created a Kumihimo necklace using seed beads

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Step one

Take approximately 1m of the wine colour S-Lon cord. wind it onto a bobbin leaving about 38cm unwound. Do this with all 8 bobbins


Step two

Mark the bobbins 1 - 8.


Step three.

Thread on the following. (please note 'c' means Cranberry Miyuki beads, 'g' means Gold Miyuki beads). Use bobbins 1 and 5. 32c, 1g, 3c, 1g, 2c, 1g, 2c, 6g, 2c, 1g, 2c, 1g, 3c, 1g, 32c. Tie a knot at the end of the cords.


Step four

Thread bobbins 2 and 6. 33c, 1g, 3c, 1g, 4c, 6g, 4c, 1g, 3c, 1g, 33c. Tie a knot at the end of the cords.


Step five

Thread bobbins 3 and 7. 36c, 1g, 5c, 6g, 5c, 1g, 36c. Tie a knot at the end of the cords.


Step six.

Thread on bobbins 4 and 8. 38c, 2g, 2c, 6g, 2c, 2g, 38c. Tie a knot at the end of the cords.


Step seven.

Gather all 8 strands in numerical order and tie a large knot at the end.


Step eight.

Place the knot through the center of the Kumihimo disc and add the Kumihimo weight to the cord ends.


Step nine.

Separate the bobbins and attach them to the disc as follows; 1 and 2 at North position either side of 32. 3 and 4 at East position either side of 8. 5 and 6 at South position either side of 16. 7 and 8 at West position either side of 24.


Step ten.

To start weaving take the top right North cord and bring down to right of south.


Step eleven.

Bring the left south up to left north.


Step Twelve.

Make a quarter turn to the left anti-clockwise. Repeat top right down, bottom left up, quarter turn until you have about 1 inch of plain weave.


Step Thirteen.

Start adding the beads, as you bring the next cord over the disc, drop a bead the weave, tuck it under the top cord. then carry on to attach the cord.


Step fourteen.

Carry on adding beads until all are woven in.


Step fifteen.

Now weave another inch of plain weave. Take the cords off the disc and tie a knot at the end of the plain weave and cut the ends.


Step sixteen.

Tie some thread around the plain weave about 1cm from the beads.


Step seventeen.

Cut the weave behind the thread.


Step eighteen.

Glue the weave into the Gold plaited cone end clasp. do the same at the other end with the other clasp component.

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