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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a Lapis Lazuli Box Chain Necklace

Learn how to make a Box Chain Necklace

Learn how to make a Box Chain Necklace

This step by step tutorial uses the beautiful Lapis Lazuli gemstone. Lapis is a beautiful blue opaque stone, considered to be associated with friendship and truth. The name Lapis derives from Latin and means ‘stone’ and Azula means ‘blue’ in Arabic!

The Lapis stones against the gold box chain works exceptionally well in creating a beautiful statement piece! Use this necklace to transform a simple outfit and pair with a matching bracelet or ring to finish off the look.

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Step one

Take the box chain, the links are open links so you can easily open them instead of cutting. make a 43 1/2cm and 46cm lengths. Attach the two lengths together using the 9mm jump rings.


Step two

Using two of the 6mm jump rings attach the toggle clasp to the 9mm jump rings at either end of the chains


Step three

Take 9 of the Lapis lazuli trapezoids, arrange them in graduating order either side of the largest center stone.


Step four

Cut a 12cm length of .6mm gold wire. Hold the wire 2 1/2cm from the end with round nose pliers. bring the short tail back over the top of the pliers.


Step five

bring the wire down under the pliers and wrap twice around the long tail of wire. trim the excess wire. this forms a wrapped loop


Step six

Thread on a Trapezoid and make another wrapped loop, making sure there is no gap between the loop and Trapezoid. repeat this for all 9 Trapezoids


Step seven

Find the center of the lower box chain and attach the largest Trapezoid with 6mm jump rings.


Step eight

Leave one box link then attach the next Trapezoid. repeat for all 9, 4 either side of the center Trapezoid keeping the size graduation

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