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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a Mardi Gras Fascinator

Learn how to make a Mardi Gras Style Fascinator

Learn how to make a Mardi Gras Style Fascinator

Let's get in the mood for spring by incorporating bright colours that will take you out of your comfort zone. Follow this step-by-step tutorial today to create this fabulous Fascinator that would be ideal for any special event you have coming up during the spring/summer season.

The carnival-style celebration of Mardi Gras associated with New Orleans culture was originally established by the French established in 1718, and the tradition had become ingrained in the city’s culture by the 1730s. Mardi Gras is celebrated in New Orleans from the 6th of January, or the Twelfth Night, as it occurs 12 days after Christmas.

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Step one

The basic method to make the sinamay strips for spirals and loops. Cut a strip of sinamay approx 60cm, for the large strips to make the loops they were 9cm wide, for the spiral strips, 6cm wide. Always cut on the diagonal ( bias). The strips will narrow and lengthen, offcuts can be re-steamed and used for other projects.


Step two

Fold the long edges into the middle.


Step three

Using the steam iron, iron the strip on full steam.


Step four

Re-steam the strip, this time pulling the strip, this will reduce the with and lengthen it at the same time. You can also create graduated strips.


Step five

While the strip is still warm and damp you can shape it by wrapping it around a marker pen, ring mandrel or jar to form spirals. Leave to dry and stiffen. Once dry the spirals and strips can be cut to length. Keep the offcuts as they can be re-steamed and used on future products.


Step six

Using this method we made made 1 large purple strip, trimed to 56cm, looped aroung and glued. 1 large green strip, looped around twice and glued.


Step seven

1 Graduated strip, trimmed to 64cm, re-steamed and wrapped around a 4cm diameter jar.


Step eight

1 Green strip, trimmed to 41cm. Re-steamed and wrapped around a 4cm diameter jar.


Step nine

1 green 19cm offcut, re-steamed and wrapped around a ring mandrel


Step ten

1 purple strip trimmed to 27cm, re-steamed and wrapped around a marker pen.


Step eleven

To assemble the fascinator, glue the round base to the head band, slightly off set it.


Step twelve

Attach the pear shape base to the round base with the pointed end facing upwards.


Step thirteen

Glue the purple loop to the pear shape base in the center.


Step fourteen

Now glue the large green double loop ontop pf the blue, with the largest of the green loops next to the blue.


Step fifteen

take the graduated spiral, glue the widest end, 14cm from the top, to the underside rim of the pear shape base.


Step sixteen

Take the spiral under the pear shape base, up behind the purple loop, then glue the last spiral loop to the inside rim of the pear base near to the point.


Step seventeen

Glue the purple spiral to the center base of the large green loop.


Step eighteen

Take the 41cm spiral,open it out slightly, glue one end to the left hand side of the round base rim.


Step 19

Now glue the next spiral loop onto the round base.


Step twenty

Glue the next section of the spiral to the underside rim of the pear shape base.


Step 21

Finally glue the small green spiral to the round base in the center of the last spiral.

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