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How to create a Multi-Layered Necklace (Plaited)

LEARN HOW TO Make A Plaited Multi-Layered Necklace

LEARN HOW TO Make A Plaited Multi-Layered Necklace

Follow this step by step tutorial to create the perfect Multi-Layered Nugget Statement Necklace for Fall.

We have used Carnelian, Green Onyx and Tigers eye nugget strands to make this necklace. The warm, earthy colour palette complimented by the rose gold findings works exceptionally well for the Autumn season.

This same necklace can be created using any strands within your current jewellery stash. You can also use a combination of both chips and nuggets to create even more beautiful texture.

We love to see your finished designs so why not have a go and don’t forget to share a photograph of your finished necklace with us via our social media channels!
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Step One

Cut two lengths of beading thread approx 1 metre long, bring both threads together and place a bead stopper 20cms from one end (you can use any bead from your stash for a stopper by passing both threads through the bead and back through again).


Step Two

To each of the threads add half of the nuggets from the strand, add a crimp bead and a 4mm jump ring to both of the loose ends and pass the threads back down through the crimp bead and crimp off. Trim off the excess thread.


Step Three

Add a crimp cover. Repeat steps 1-3 at both ends for all three of the nugget strands.


Step Four

Join the three double nugget strands together with a 7mm jump ring by passing it through the three 4mm at one end


Step Five

Use a T-pin or a board pin to hold in place the end of the three double lengths into a macrame board


Step Six

Now braid the double nugget strands together creating a plait and when you meet the ends add a 7mm jump ring through the 3mm jump rings


Step Seven

Join several 7mm jump rings together to make your desired length of necklace (we have used 9 to make a necklace length of approx 20inches long including the clasp).


Step Eight

Using 4mm jump rings add the toggle clasp to complete the necklace.

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