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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a Rainbow Necklace

Learn how to make a necklace using JewelleryMaker Rainbow Colours

Step one

Take the Agate rectangles off the strand, and colour match in pairs with two left over for the tassel.


Step two

Take a 10cm length of the 0.8mm gold colour wire and make a wrapped loop at one end, thread on an Agate then make a wrapped loop at the bottom of the gemstone. do this for all the Agates except for the last Agate at the end of the tassel.


Step three

For the end of tassel Agate, make a wrapped loop as before, thread on the Agate, then make a larger loop, then thread on the 5 pieces of chain, grab the loop with round nose pliers then continue to wrap then trim.


Step four

To construct the necklace, open a jump ring, add two rings on and close. Open another ring add on two more and the two from the previous link then close. this forms a two in one chain. continue until you have 8 "2's" linked. Open the top single jump ring and add the lobster claw clasp and close. Make another chain, this time add an extra single jump ring at the top.


Step five

Take one of the chains, open a jump ring add the end of the chain (the 2 jump rings) and the first Agate then close.


Step six

Open a jump ring add on the previous agate and 2 jump rings then close.


Step seven

open a jump ring add on the previous 2 and the next Agate, then close. Continue adding the Agates with 1-2-1 jump rings in between. Create both sides of the necklace, with the last two Agates before the tassel, add 1 then 2 jump rings.


Step eight

For the tassel, take the Agate with the chain on, open a jump ring, add to the Agate with 2 more jump rings and close. open another jump ring, add the other tassel Agate and close.


Step nine

To complete the necklace, open a jump ring, add on the tassel and both "2's" from either side of the necklace and close.

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