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Skill Level: Basic
jewellery making hints and tips

How to create a Out of this World - Saturn Earrings

Learn how to make earrings inspired by planet Saturn

Step one

Straighten the wire from the reel and cut 2 x 10cms lengths and 2 x 6cms lengths


Step two

Take the 10 cms lengths and using round nose pliers create a loop at each end making sure they both face in the same direction


Step three

Using a ring mandrel or a round object manipulate each loop end making sure the loops face inwards into an oval shape rather than a round shape


Step four

Thread the loops onto a headpin with a druzy agate in between manipulating the oval shape so that you can do so


Step five

Using round nose pliers place on top of the stone and wire holding everything down in place create a wrapped loop which will tighten your work up securing it all in place (as you so make secure the interest in the stone is facing forward and the loops will correspond with each other so that it all hangs pleasingly)


Step six

Using the 6cm lengths of wire make a loop at each end, attach a shepherd hook to one end and your Saturn planet to the other to complete the earring

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