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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a Spiral Cage Pearl Necklace

Learn how to make a spiral cage pearl necklace

Learn how to make a spiral cage pearl necklace

Learn how to make a stunning violet shell pearl caged necklace with this step by step tutorial.

Caging is a beautiful way to add detailing to any gemstone and works great for necklaces, bracelets earrings, rings and other accessories.
For this necklace, you will need silver plated copper wire and 4mm open jump rings to create your cages and 1 strand of hazy violet shell pearl faceted rounds (or any gem strand of your choice).

To complete your necklace, why not also make a matching suite using the same techniques highlighted in this tutorial.

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Step One

From the reel straighten the wire by running it in between your fingers or straightening pliers a few times. Cut a length approx 25cms long. At one end make a small loop with the tip of the round nose pliers


Step Two

Using flat nose pliers grip the loop and coil up into a spiral to about half way up the length of wire creating a scroll


Step Three

Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other end of the length of wire creating a spiral going in the opposite direction of the first


Step Four

Using the tip of the round nose pliers push both the spirals out slightly in the same direction creating caps that the pearl will sit in


Step Five

Now slightly bend the wire in the centre of the cone's to start bringing the caps towards each other


Step Six

Cut a length of the wire approx 5cm's long and bend 1cm at one end to a right angle


Step Seven

Grip the end of the 1cm right angle bent wire approx half way down the round nose pliers and roll into a loop creating a eyepin


Step Eight

Thread one side of the spiral onto the eyepin, then the pearl, then through the other side of the spiral easing it over to meet the drill hole of the pearl and push down to the loop of the eyepin


Step Nine

Bend the exit wire to a right angle and trim to approx 1cm


Step Ten

With round nose pliers create a loop as in step 7 and with your fingers adjust the spiral so that it travels around the pearl


Step Eleven

Make several of the spiral caged pearls for the desired length of necklace or bracelet (we have used 15 for the necklace using the jump rings to join the elements together)


Step Twelve

Join 20 jumps rings together creating a chain and join to one end of the spiral caged beads. Repeat for the other side (you can use more or less jump rings for your desired length of necklace)


Step Thirteen

Add each side of your clasp to the ends of the necklace (We used our 'Create a Hook Clasp' from the tutorial on our hints and tips page)

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