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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create Summertime Agate Cufflinks

Learn how to make cufflinks that have a pop of colour

Learn how to make cufflinks that have a pop of colour

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Step one

Cut two lengths of wire approx15cms long and centre an agate puffy square on the length of wire


Step two

Bend the wires horizontally across the back of the puffy square agate making sure that the desired side of the stone is facing the front


Step three

Place your flat nose pliers at the centre point on one of the horizontal wires and bend the wire straight up


Step four

With the opposite wire create a wrapped loop around the bent wire close to the back of the stone


Step five

Place the round nose pliers directly above the wrapped loop (this will create a space for the wraps) and bend the wire at a right angle


Step Six

Reposition the pliers back on the wire and bring the wire back over the prong creating a loop and add a T-bar element from a toggle clasp


Step seven

Finish by creating a wrapped loop and trim the excess wire. Make sure the ends of the cut wire are pressed in well with your pliers to avoid any sharp edges


Final Piece

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