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How to create a Valentine's Day Bracelet

Learn how to make a Valentine's bracelet using memory wire

Learn how to make a Valentine's bracelet using memory wire

Create something beautiful for yourself this valentine's day.
Many people take comfort from researching the different qualities that crystal healers believe certain gemstones contain. We've created this memory wire bracelet using gemstones that have been said to promote self-love.

- Lapis Lazuli, a gemstone that is known as the friendship stone.

- Crystal healers believe that Flourite can aid balancing emotions.

- Rose Quartz is known as the gemstone of true love, allowing you to get to know yourself before loving anyone else.

- It is believed by crystal healers that Rhodonite aids self-worth.

We can't wait to see your version of this beautiful bracelet. Don't forget to share yours with us via our social media channels. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step one

Cut 9 circles of the memory wire. at one end form a small loop with round nose pliers. When cutting memory wire always use either memory wire cutters or an old pair of cutters as memory wire will spoil ordinary cutters.


Step two

thread on a stardust spacer bead, then the rose quartz cubes. Keep threading untill 2 complete circles of wire are threaded. Finish the section with another stardust spacer bead.


Step three

Repeat step two with the Rhodonite, Flourite and Lapis lazuli, adding a stardust spacer bead in between each section. Finish with another stardust spacer bead.


Step four

Leaving a 1cm space after the last stardust spacer bead, cut the memory wire. Form another small loop with round nose pliers.


Step five

Open one of the jump rings, add on a heart charm, then add to the end loop on the bracelet and close. Do the same at the other end loop.

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