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Skill Level: Advanced
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How to create a Egyptian Inspired Wirework Cuff

Learn how to make a wire work cuff

Learn how to make a wire work cuff

Create that statement piece jewellery that will dress up any outfit for any occasion. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to create this wirework cuff inspired by Egyptian culture.

The images we see of Egyptian women from ancient times conveys the ultimate beauty and luxury, especially where their jewellery and style is concerned.

If you're hoping to take your basic wirework to the next level, this is the tutorial for you. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Using 1mm wire straighten and cut 4 x 35cm lengths (core wires) Using the 0.6mm wire and working from the reel take 3 of the 1mm core wires and holding them together side by side start wrapping approx 6cm's in from the end and wrap around all 3 for approx 2cm's, leaving a tail of approx 15cm's the 0.6mm wire. (Use flat/chain nose pliers to flatten the wire wrapping against the core wires as you work)


Step Two

Thread the button shape stone to the 15cm tail of the 0.6mm wire letting it drop against the wires. Using the stone as a guide curve the first core wire around it


Step Three

Secure the stone onto the curved wire with a couple of wraps then bring the wire across the stone making a decorative swirl on the front


Step Four

Take the wrapping wire in between the stone wire and behind the two remaining core wires and wrap 3 times around both wires. Trim the wire close to the front and squeeze in the end with chain nose pliers (run your finger over the cut end making sure there is no shape end)


Step Five

Trim the stone wire just as it passes the stone and with round nose pliers make a small loop


Step Six

Take the fourth length of wire and make a scroll at the end. Hold the wires together bringing the scroll wire in, with the stone and the scroll at the bottom of the work hold all the wires in place next to the stone with your thumb and wrap the 0.6 wire around all 4 wires 5 times securing them together


Step Seven

Bring the 0.6mm wire across all 4 core wires leaving a gap of approx 2cm's from the last 5 wraps holding it against the core wires with your thumb wrap around all 4 wires again 5 times. Repeat this another twice ending with 5 wraps around the core wires


Step Eight

Separate the core wires into pairs and spray them out into a graduating V shape


Step Nine

With the 0.6mm wrap around the lower pair of wires twice (use chain nose pliers to gently squeeze the wraps together, press down and neaten)


Step Ten

Bring the wrapping wire through the centre of the pairs of core wires and wrap twice around the top pair of wires


Step 11

Bringing the wrapping wire through the centre repeat wrapping twice around the upper and lower pairs of wires creating a figure of eight weave. Weave a length of approx 9cm's taking care not to pull the weave too tight and keeping the V shape wider as you work towards the end


Step Twelve

To finish, weave a coil on one of the outer core wires for a length of approx 5cms trim the end and tuck in


Step Thirteen

Trim the core wires on all the ends to approx 5cms and roll up into spirals


Step Fourteen

Using wire forming pliers shape the bangle working all around the full length of the work and making sure to work on both sides of the woven end. (You could use a bracelet mandrel or a round jar or cup to curve the bangle into shape)


Final piece

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