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Skill Level: Intermediate
jewellery making hints and tips

How to create a Wire work earrings

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  • 0.8mm Antique bronze coloured copper wire.
  • 1 x pair Antique bronze coloured copper shepherd hook ear wires.
  • 1.0mm Antique bronze coloured copper wire.
  • Gizmo coiling tool.
  • Snips

Step one.

Attach the 0.8mm wire to the small Gizmo rod and form a 7cm length coil.


Step two.

Take the coil off the rod and neatly trim.


Step three.

Cut a 15cm length of 1.0mm wire and form a wrapped loop at one end.


Step four.

Thread the coil onto the 1.0mm wire and slide up to the loop, try to leave a 3mm gap before the loop.


Step five.

Bend the coil round to form a teardrop shape.


Step six.

Wrap the tail of the wire neatly around the top above the coil ends and trim.


Step seven

Open the loop on one of the shepherd hook ear wires, place teardrop on and close. Repeat to make the other earring.

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