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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a brooch pin

brooch pin

Step One

Using approx 7 inches of 1.0mm or 0.8mm wire, straighten the wire using your nylon pliers. At the centre point of the wire, make a loop with your round nose pliers. Using your hand pull the wire around the pliers so that they are parallel with each other. This loop will form the hinged end of the pin.

Step Two

Using flat nose pliers, bend one of the wires to a 90 degree angle across the other wire. Using the very tip of the round nose pliers make a small loop approx 1cm away from the 90 degree angle. Using the flat nose pliers, squash the wires together so they lie side by side.

Step Three

Harden the wire with the nylon hammer and steel block. Using the flat nose pliers, form another 90 degree angle, cut the end of the wire leaving approx 1cm in length. Using the round nose pliers, make a loop to avoid any sharp edges.

Step Four

Using the round nose pliers, place over the two pieces of wires that are together to create a loop, this will create the catch section of the pin.

Step Five

Cut the longer length of wire to be slightly longer than the catch and file the end to create a sharp pin.

brooch pin tutorial step 1
brooch pin tutorial step 2
brooch pin tutorial step 3
brooch pin tutorial step 4
brooch pin tutorial step 5
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