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Skill Level: Advanced
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How to create a wire cuff bangle

wire cuff bangle

Step One

Cut approximately 30" of 1mm wire and bend the ends around so they make a sausage or elongated oval shape of about 8" long.

Step Two

Wrap one of the two tail ends of wire around the edge of the bangle a few times securing the two wires into a complete loop. Place your cabochon in the centre and wind the other tail end of wire around it in a loose spiral, then tie off to one side and trim any excess wire away.

Step Three

Using another piece of approx 3" of 1mm wire bind the other side of the sprial to the outer framework.

Step Four

Cut 12 x 4" Pieces of 1mm wire and make them all into double ended spirals or scrolls. To do this, pinch each end of the wire with your Round Nose Pliers and roll your wrist down forming a small 'P' shape, and then using your fingertips continue bending the wire to create the scroll shapes. You can use Flat Nose Pliers to do this if its too difficult to do it with your fingertips.

Step Five

Cut an approx 10" piece of 0.25mm wire and anchor one of the scrolls to the back of the spiral by wrapping it around both wires four times. Attach a second scroll for added security and trap the cabochon in position.

Step Six

Using Flat Nose Pliers tweak the outer frame of the spiral to create two 'teeth' to secure the front of the cabochon further.

Step Seven

Using 0.25mm wire bind another scroll to the frame work of the bangle and also to the edge of the cabochon so that it sits as close as possible to the centre. Everytime you use a piece of 0.25mm wire wrap it around four times then trim off any excess and tuck in the sharp edges with Flat Nose Pliers.

Step Eight

Secure the next scroll in the same way making sure the scrolls are both facing the same direction.

Step Nine

Continue adding scrolls until you have five on either side of the cabochon and a small gap at each end of the cuff bangle.

Step Ten

The gap at either end of the cuff bangle will become your hook style clasp. Pinch one side in a little and then bend it back towards the front side of the cabochon to form the hook.

Step Eleven

Now place the flat bangle on your wrist with the cabochon in the centre and gently mould it around your wrist into the cuff bangle shape. Hook it together with the folded clasp.

wire cuff bangle tutorial step 1
wire cuff bangle tutorial step 2
wire cuff bangle tutorial step 3
wire cuff bangle tutorial step 4
wire cuff bangle tutorial step 5
wire cuff bangle tutorial step 6
wire cuff bangle tutorial step 7
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