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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create an Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace.

Create Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace

Learn how to make an Aquamarine Necklace with JewelleryMaker.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to create this beautiful Aquamarine necklace. You could gift it to a March born friend or keep it and add it to your jewellery collection. Aquamarine is believed to both soothe and prolong relationships, and for this reason it is often given as an anniversary gift way before its official listing for one’s 19th anniversary. We’ve used rose gold coloured findings to complete this look but you can make this design unique to your style by using silver or yellow gold. Don’t forget to share you design with us via social media, you can tag us in your pieces on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Step One

Cut 9 x 6cm lengths of wire, take one length and using round nose pliers, bend 1cm of the wire to form a right angle, roll the end of the wire form a small round loop.


Step Two

Thread on 1 x crystal, 1 x Aquamarine, 1 x crystal. Bend the end of the wire to form a right angle and cut to 1cm. Using round nose pliers form another small round loop. Repeat this another 7 times. With the 9th wire do the same but thread on 1 x Aquamarine, 1 x crystal, 1 x Aquamarine.


Step Three

Cut 10 x 7cm lengths of wire. Take 1 length and using round nose pliers form a small loop at one end. Swap to nylon coated pliers and make a neat spiral. Turn the wire around and do the same at the other end. This will create an "S" shape swirl connector. Repeat to make 10.


Step Four

Using jump rings connect the Aquamarine and crystal sections to the swirl connectors, alternating as you go.


Step Five

Use the double Aquamarine, single crystal section, as the center piece of the necklace.


Step Six

Remove the "S" from the ribbon end clasp. Using a jump ring connect it to one end of the necklace.


Step Seven

To finish the piece, connect a single jump ring to the other end of the necklace to hook the "S" clasp onto.

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