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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a chain maille barrel weave

chain maille barrel weave

If you are new to making jewellery and eager to get started with Chainmaille, the Barrel Weave technique is ideal for you. Recommended when making Earrings as this weave hangs and moves freely. Follow this step-by-step tutorial along with the related images to lead you into creating a unique pair of on trend earrings, that will have everyone asking questions when they see them! Create your own version and share your examples with us via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Step One

Place 2 closed jump rings onto 1 open jump ring and close.

Step Two

Slide the top jump ring of the pair up to create an eye shape in the middle of the pair of jump rings.

Step Three

Take 1 open jump ring coming up through the bottom of the pair of jump rings next to ‘the eye’, go over ‘the eye’ and down through the gap next to ‘the eye’, repeat with a second ring

Step Four

Take 1 open jump ring and place through ‘the eye’ and close.

Step Five

You have now completed one section of Barrels Weave.

Step Six

If you want a longer chain of barrel weave for your designs, continue the process again using the last jump ring you added as the first ring of the next barrel.

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