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Skill Level: Advanced
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How to create a Beaded Cabochon Brooch

Vintage Beaded Cabochon Brooch

Step One

With a biro draw around the cabochon onto the back of Ultrasuede, cut it out and set aside for later.

Step Two

Cut a second piece of Ultrasuede backing at least 2cm taller and wider than your cabochon. Glue the flat side of the cabochon and stick it to the centre of the Ultrasuede.

Step Three

When the glue is dry use a beading needle and Nymo thread to stitch up through the back of the suede keeping close to the cabochon. Add on a Pearl, and push the needle back through the Ultrasuede close to where the first stitch came through.

Step Four

Continue stitching pearls all the way around the cabochon creating a frame. Then pass the needle through the middle of all of the Pearls again, pull tight and finish by stitching through the Ultrasuede (between the cabochon and the pearls). Tie off and trim at the back.

Step Five

Re-thread the beading needle with more Nymo thread, stitch up through the back of the Ultrasuede so the needle comes up between the cabochon and the pearls, thread on a seed bead and stitch back down through the Ultrasuede so the seed beads sit in the gaps between the pearls.

Step Six

Repeat step five until there is a seed bead between each Pearl, then pass the needle through the first seed bead again. Add on another seed bead to fill the gap and pass the needle through the next available seed bead on the cabochon, keep adding seed beads this way until the cabochon is completely surrounded.

Step Seven

When the cabochon is completely framed in seed beads pass the needle through the centre of all the seed beads once more, pull tight then push the needle through to the back, tie off the thread and trim any excess, this should help strighten up and secure the seed beads.

Step Eight

Using scissors trim the Ultrasuede being careful not to cut through any of your stitches.

Step Nine

Take the Ultrasuede cut-out you made earlier in step 1 and sew the kilt pin/brooch pin lengthways to the nicest looking side.

Step Ten

Glue the kilt pin/brooch pin section to the back of the cabochon hiding as much of the stitching as possible.

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