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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create a two colour memory wire macramé bracelet

memory wire macrame bracelet

Learn how to make a Memory Wire Macramé Bracelet by following these step-by-step instructions from JewelleryMaker.com. Macramé is the skill of decorative knotting and the word Macramé comes from an ancient Arabic word “migramah” meaning “Fringe”. Make this creative bracelet using two contrasting colours and using memory wire to giving the design a wraparound look and to also add some flexibility. The Macramé technique can also be used to create a range of different crafty projects including wall hangings and clothing. Start your Macramé journey here today by creating this bracelet and share your examples with us via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Step One

Take your round nose pliers and make a small loop in one end of the memory wire, then thread the gemstones onto to the wire. Save 2 of the gemstones for the last stage.

Step Two

Being careful not to stretch the memory wire out of place, slot it into one of the slots at the bottom of the macramé board. Attach both cords to the wire with a simple knot next to the loop from step one.

Step Three

Using the top cord make 3 square knots. Then bring the second colour down and do the same.

Step Four

Slide the first Gemstone up to the last knot, bring the first cord down to enclose the gemstone and again make 3 square knots of each colour. Continue these steps all the way around the memory wire and finish your macramé design as desired.

Step Five

Make a second small loop in the opposite end of the wire to finish off the design. Secure the ends of the wire with your glue and cut off any excess cord. Take the two head pins and add the two saved gemstones one onto each headpin, cut the headpin to the right size and create another loop to attach the pin to the bracelet.


To support the memory wire without stretching the natural loop use the bottom corner slots in the macramé board.

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