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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create spike weave earrings

spike weave earrings

Step One

Start by making a series of 3 loops around the round nose pliers and end with the wire going up at the back of the pliers.

Step Two

Pull the wire around both prongs of the pliers until the wire points upwards at the back again.

Step Three

Place the lower prong of the pliers into the top loop and repeat step 2.

Step Four

Bring the pliers a step down so that both prongs fit into the loops and repeat step 2 again.

Step Five

Place the upper prong of the pliers into the lower loop and wrap around so you have a full loop at the end. You can repeat these steps until you have a full length of the spike weave which will be ready to use in your designs such as the earrings pictured above.

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