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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create spiral macramé earrings

create spiral macramé earrings

Step One

Thread one of your beads and one of your spacers onto a Headpin, then make a simple loop at the end using your Round Nose Pliers

Step Two

Take one of your pieces of Hemp cord, tie an overhand knot in the centre and place the ball of your Headpin into the knot before pulling it tight

Step Three

Start to Macramé by making a 'P' shaped loop around the bead with the right hand string and lay the tail across the top of the Headpin. Pass the left hand string over the tail of the right hand string, under the Headpin and up through the 'P' shaped loop, pull it tight trapping the bead

Step Four

Repeat step 3 five more times but without trapping a bead, pull each stitch tight. As long as your 'P' shape is always on the right you will start to see a spiral pattern forming around the Headpin

Step Five

Push the spacer bead towards the Macramé and make another stitch trapping it in position, then continue to macramé until you reach the loop of the Headpin

Step Six

Trim off the excess hemp cord and add a dab of glue for extra security, then attach a Shepherds Hook to the loop using Flat Nose Pliers to complete the earring

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