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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a Squiggly Bead Necklace

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Learn how to make a Squiggly Wire Bead Necklace with JewelleryMaker.

You could create this Necklace, using colourful wire to create squiggly spiral inspired beads. Simply follow these step-by-step instructions from JewelleryMaker.com. Perfect if you want to try something fun and different or even get the children involved during the summer break. Why not use your own colour scheme and turn the Squiggly Beads into earrings or even a bracelet! Share your designs with us by posting them online via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. We look forward to seeing how you create, wear and share your designs.

Step One

Cut approx 30 inches of 0.8 wire, then using Round Nose Pliers make a loop at the end.

Step Two

Using your fingers make a free form squiggle in a roughly spherical shape with the rest of the wire, leaving a tail of about 1 inch.

Step Three

Wrap the tail around part of the squiggle on the opposite side from the loop to secure it in place, then make a second loop to mirror the first one.

Step Four

Cut approx 1m of 0.4 wire and secure it by wrapping it around the base of one of the loops.

Step Five

Wrap the wire from end to end, around and through the squiggle until you have a 'ball of yarn' effect. Finish off by wrapping the wire around the base of the other loop.

Step Six

Using 0.8 wire, Round Nose Pliers and the bead scoop, make a selection of double ended eye pin sections and link them all together.

Step Seven

Add the Squiggle beads into the necklace wherever you like by opening an eyepin loop, hooking the squiggle bead loop in and closing the eyepin again.

Step Eight

Add some chain to the end of your necklace to lengthen it enough to pop on over your head without needing a clasp.

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