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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a wire cross pendant

wire cross

Step One

Take half a metre of wire and thread on four gemstones. Pass the other end of wire back through the last gemstone to form the start of the quadrant or ladder weave.

Step Two

Thread on one gemstone onto one of the wires and two gemstones onto the other wire. Pass the first wire back through the second gemstone on the opposite wire.

Step Three

Continue step two again another two times. You now have 13 gemstones wired in a ladder weave formation.

Step Four

Take the other half a metre of wire and repeat step one. Thread a gemstone onto each end of wire, now we will join both pieces together. Pass the two wires in opposite directions through the last gemstone in step three (the 13 gemstone piece), each wire now meets together with the remaining wire from the original piece as in the diagram. Now you should have 19 gemstones wired with two wires protruding from each side.

Step Five

To make the cross section thread a gemstone onto both wires on one side and do the same on the other side. Now open the wires and thread a gemstone on to all four wires. Thread on another gemstone onto the top wire on each side and pass the bottom wires up through those gemstones in the opposite direction to complete the cross frame.

Step Six

To secure the cross, thread the wires back through the gemstones, this will help to give the cross some strength. Trim off any left over wire.The cross is now ready to be threaded onto beading thread or chain to make a necklace.

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