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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create wire wrapped pendant bails

Wire wrapped pendant bail

Step One

Take approximately 20cm of wire and thread it through the gemstone until the gemstone is in the middle of the wire. Pinch the wire together.

Step Two

Use another length of approximately 30cm wire and wrap around both wires for 3cms. Trim the end of the wire at the top of the stone.

Step Three

Using your bail nose pliers gently bend the wrapped piece of wire until it meets the top of the gemstone and secure with the remaining wire.

Step Four

Trim the wrapping wire. Trim the two lengths of wire left to approximately 8cm depending on how big you want the spiral to be.

Step Five

Take your round nose pliers and make a spiral on both sides and push them down against the side of the gemstone.

Step Six

Add a length of chain through the bail.

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