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Skill Level: intermediate
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How to create Zari Rope Macramé Bracelets

Create Zari Rope macrame bracelet

Learn how to make Zari Rope Macramé Bracelets with JewelleryMaker.

This style of bracelet was created using the Macramé technique and the finish is so luxury that you will want to make one for every one of your friends. Follow this easy to follow technique and you will be so happy with the result. In ancient Persia, they were renowned for weaving threads of precious metals into silk and this is where Zari Rope originated! The skill was then brought to India between 1700-1100 BC. Why not create something that you will cherish for a lifetime with JewelleryMaker? Don’t forget to share your final designs with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Step One

Attach one end of the ribbon end to the Zari rope by folding over the ends with flat nose pliers.


Step Two

Measure approx 6ins/15cms including the ribbon end and add the other side of the ribbon end.


Step Three

Trim the surplus Zari rope off with cutters or scissors. Using a length of beading thread secure each end of the bracelet to the macramé board.


Step Four

Take approx 84ins/215cms length of Zari rope and centre it under the bracelet cord.


Step Five - Macramé square knot

Start the square knotting over the ribbon end by picking up the left cord and make a loop by crossing it over the cord on the board creating a d shape.


Step Six

Pick up the right and place it over the last cord and pass the end under the two cords that cross each other and back up through the d loop. Pull both ends tight.


Step Seven

Pick up the right side cord placing it over the previous cord on the board making a b shape.


Step Eight

Pick up the left cord and place it over the previous cord and pass it under the two cords that cross each other and back up through the b loop and pull the cords tight.


Step Nine

Steps five to eight make the macramé square knot. Repeat these steps down the length of the bracelet covering the ribbon ends. Glue the ends to secure and trim when dry.


Step Ten

For an extra finishing touch you could add a swarovski bead onto a headpin and add it on the end of the chain with a wrapped loop.

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