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Skill Level: Basic
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How to make a hook clasp

Hook Clasp

Step One

Take the length of wire and using the round nose pliers fold it in half, squeeze the fold gently together using flat nose pliers. Then with the round nose pliers turn the end up slightly.

Step Two

Use the bail pliers and place approximately 1cm in from the end and bend the pliers to form a hook shape.

Step Three

Holding the hook with flat nose pliers bend one length of wire to a 90 degree angle.

Step Four

Wrap the wire you just bent around the straight wire and secure with a couple of wraps.

Step Five

Take your bail pliers and place on the other side of your wraps to make a loop.

Step Six

Secure the loop with a couple of wraps and trim to finish.

Make a loop side for your hook clasp using the steps above after making a loop instead of the hook.

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