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Skill Level: Intermediate
jewellery making hints and tips

How to make cluster dangle earrings

cluster dangle earrings

Step One

Insert an eye pin into a Larimar chip and coil rest of the pin. Ensure that the cord can fit through this. Repeat this process with another 3 chips and 2 of the Labradorite gemstones.

Step Two

Add a Moonstone drop on to a piece of 20cm wire and twist together.

Step Three

Make a loop and add the 4cm chain. Close the loop by wrapping the twisted wire round the top of gemstones.

Step Four

Add the gemstones to your piece of cord alternating between a chip and heart shaped gemstone; add the drop by the link of the chain into the middle of the design.

Step Five

Bend the ends of the leather cord together and crimp them with a ribbon end. Add a shepherd hook and you will have a completed earring.

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