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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a pearl drop pendant

Create a pearl drop pendant

Learn how to make a pearl drop pendant.

Pearls are an organic gemstone, meaning they are created by a living organism (Oysters). They have a natural lustre giving them a stunning iridescent appearance and come in a range of colours from white to pink through to black. Pearls are the birthstone of the month June and are associated with prosperity and good luck! By following this week’s step by step tutorial, you will have yourself a simplistic, classic pearl drop necklace. You will need 5 x cultured pearls and your desired wire in gauges 0.6 and 0.8. You will firstly make your pearl pendant by following the step by step guide and then you will thread it onto a ready made (or you can make your own) chain to complete the finished necklace. Have a go at creating your own version and if you’re feeling creative you could even try and make a matching bracelet and earrings for a complete suite! Don’t forget to share your designs with us via our social media channels. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Cut a 30cm length of the .6mm wire.


Step Two

Turn the macramé board on its side and attach the .6mm wire top to bottom


Step Three

Release the bottom wire and thread on the 5 cultured pearls.


Step Four

Cut a 30cm length of .8mm wire, attach to the top of the macramé board with the .6mm wire.


Step Five

Wrap the .8mm wire around the .6mm wire. Push the 1st pearl up to the wrap, bring the .8mm wire down diagonally across the pearl and wrap around at the base of the pearl, repeat until all 5 pearls are wrapped.


Step Six

When you have wrapped around the .6mm wire under the last pearl, keep wrapping the wire around itself to form a spiral bead cap, then trim the .8 wire.


Step Seven

Neatly trim the .6mm host wire.


Step Eight

Take the pendant off the board, take the .8mm wire at the top of the 1st pearl and wrap around the .6mm wire as in step 7. neatly trim the .8mm wire.


Step Nine

Take the .6mm wire, form a neat wrapped loop and trim. Add on to the gold chain.

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