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How to create Swarovski Rainbow Stacker Bracelets

Swarovski Rainbow Stacker Bracelets

Learn how to make Swarovski Rainbow Stacker Bracelets.

If you love to sparkle, this tutorial is for you! By following this step by step guide you will learn how to make simple, yet effective Rainbow Swarosvki Stacker bracelets. Whether you are making these stacker bracelets for yourself, or to share with your favourite people, they are made using stretchy elastic, meaning they are super convenient and practical for all wrists! You and your friends could wear a colour each or if you prefer more of a statement, you can stack up various colours to compliment your outfit. Stacker bracelets are a continual trend that’s becoming even more popular as we approach festival season! For this tutorial, stardust spacer rondelles have been used, adding that little more sparkle for a definite WOW factor! As these bracelets are so simple, you can let your creativity run wild with colours and designs to make your bracelet unique and special to you! Try and create your own version and share your final designs with us via our social media channels, you can find us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Cut a 40cm length of elastic, with thumb and forefinger run the elastic through from left to right then right to left to condition it.


Step Two

Thread on 48 Swarovski Bicones


Step Three

thread on 1 stardust rondelle


Step Four

Tie an overhand knot, then another overhand and loop the elastic over one more time and pull tight.

How to make an Amethyst Bracelet - step 5

Step Five

Dab on a tiny bit of glue. Leave to dry and trim. The knot should fit into the stardust rondelle. Repeat this with each colour.

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