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How to create a Vintage Brooch

Create a Vintage Brooch

Learn how to make a day a Vintage Brooch.

Arrive in style with this rustic, vintage brooch! A brooch is the perfect accessory to add a focal point to any outfit! With the flexibility of having a head-turning statement, to a simple, classy addition. Brooches come in many different shapes and sizes with endless design potential. This tutorial will teach you how to make a stunning vintage rose brooch, combined with shibori ribbon and Pearl Miyuki seed bead drapes. This can be worn proudly at a vintage fair or any other event that you wish to add character to your outfit. Have a go at creating your own version, experimenting with different coloured shibori ribbons, seed beads/ gemstones and fabrics for your desired taste. We love to see your creations, so please share your final designs with us via our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

take the ribbon, fold the edge down diagonally and pin.


Step Two

Leave a 1cm gap then fold diagonally down, the opposite way.


Step Three

Fold the ribbon across horizontally.


Step Four

Fold up vertically and pin along the base.


Step Five

Carry along until you have created 7 peaks.


Step Six

With a needle and thread sew a running stitch neatly along the base of the ribbon.


Step Seven

Take the pins out and gather the thread up to roughly half length, then tie a knot in the thread to secure.


Step Eight

Using the glue gun start to form the rose, make sure the folds of the ribbon are on the outside.


Step Nine

As you form the rose make sure the petals are spaced correctly so that all the crossovers are not all in the same place. Set aside for broach assembly.


Step Ten

Take the beading foundation disc, place the Shibori on the top left side. open a pleat slightly and stitch to anchor. Sew a few anchor stitches following the line of the Shibori. Every piece will be different and therefore behave differently, so this is a guide.


Step Eleven

Twist the Shibori ribbon over and upwards then add a few anchor stitches. Now fold over and downwards then anchor. Trim the excess ribbon. Trim the base of the beading foundation to follow the line of the Shibori.


Step Twelve

Take the length of lace and place in a bowl of infused tea. Leave for a minute or until the lace has turned a nice warm cream / gold colour. Remove and leave to dry.


Step Thirteen

Once dry rouche up and sew along the top edge of the beading foundation. Trim the excess.


Step Fourteen

Glue the rose to the broach on the top right-hand side, below the lace and at the top of the Shibori. Bring the 2 outer petals down to the base and gently glue down to hide the base of the rose.


Step Fifteen

Bring the top edge of the Shibori up to the rose to cover any exposed beading foundation and anchor.


Step Sixteen

Take a needle and thread, attach to the bottom left hand side of the foundation under the Shibori. thread on enough Miyuki pearl beads to form a 5 ½ cm loop then secure 3 1/2cms from the start.


Step Seventeen

Make another loop, slightly overlapping, then a 3rd loop. Vary the lengths slightly to add interest.


Step Eighteen

Make a final longer loop to hang in between loop 1 and 2.


Step Nineteen

Add lines of Miyuki beads to the valleys of the Shibori pleats either side of the first fold. We have added four rows but yours may be different.


Step Twenty

To finish the broach, glue the backing foundation to the beading foundation and trim neatly. Then carefully glue on the broach pin finding.

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