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How to create a Vintage Lace Choker

Create a Vintage Lace Choker

Learn how to make a vintage lace choker

This weekend is inspired by vintage makes, focusing on Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian designs. During this era, designs incorporating lace, flowers, rope and gemstones were extremely popular and this week’s Hints & Tips tutorial will take you back in time and teach you how to make a lace choker! We have kept it very simplistic and versatile by using black/white lace, however if you wish to use an alternative, by following the step by step guide you will still be able to make a classic piece. Once the lace has been stiffened with PVA glue it can then be trimmed/ manipulated into your desired look. To add further dimension to this piece, chains have been draped along the lower line using jump rings. This tutorial is perfect for beginners who want to practice following basic instructions and equally as suitable for jewellery makers wanting to make a vintage inspired choker! Have a go, and don’t forget to share your piece with us vis our Social media channels. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step One

Cut a length of lace approx 32cm's (shorter or longer depending on your neck measurement, allow 1 to 2cm's for the clasp. Soak the lace in a mixture of equal parts of PVA glue to water) and leave to dry.


Step Two

Once the lace has stiffened you can trim off any unwanted lace pieces e.g. you may have a row of flower's or a pattern that you want to use for the choker.


Step Three

Using jump rings add the chain creating swags at the front section of the choker. Graduate the lengths of chain so there is a longer section at the front and shorter sections at the sides.


Step Four

Use jump rings to add each side of the toggle clasp to the ends of the choker to finish.

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