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Skill Level: Basic
jewellery making hints and tips

Jewellery Making Trade Secrets

Tip One

A great addition to any jewellers tool kit is Nylon Jaw Pliers. Use them to straighten wire and protect your wire work from being scratched or marked.

Tip Two

Keep all your Sterling Silver components and jewellery looking tip top by placing them in zip lock bags and add anti tarnish strips.

Tip Three

When knotting elastic, monofilament, cords or cotton add a dab of glue or clear nail polish to the knot and allow it to dry completely before you trim off the excess, this makes it doubly secure.

Tip Four

If you're getting in a tangle with all of your ribbons and cords, try using Kumihimo bobbins to keep everything tidy and under control.

Tip Five

When working with Pearls or beads with small holes use a Reamer to gently enlarge the drill holes and remove any dust that may have gathered inside the drill hole. This makes it easier to thread them without snagging on the threading material.

Tip Six

If you are making jewellery to sell on then it's a good idea to invest in some good quality jewellery busts, these will elevate your pieces making them visible across a crowded room and also makes each individual item stand out.

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