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Skill Level: Basic
jewellery making hints and tips

Using a Toggle Clasp as a Pendant

using a toggle clasp as a pendant

Step One

Undo the central Jumpring to release the 'loop' side of the clasp. Leave the Jumpring attached to the top of the loop.

Step Two

Cut the chain so you have 1 x 9 link piece, 2 x 7 link pieces, 2 x 5 link pieces and 2 x 3 link pieces.

Step Three

Using Headpins and your choice of gemstones, make 7 x wrapped loops and individually attach each one to the end link of a chain section.

Step Four

Using Jumprings connect each chain drop to the 'loop' side of the Toggle Clasp. Arrange them so that the longest one sits in the middle and the shortest ones are on the outside edges.

Step Five

Cut an 18 inch piece of chain and thread it through the Jumpring at the top of your pendant.

Step Six

Complete the necklace by adding the other complete Toggle Clasp to the ends of the chain.

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