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Amber is an old and beloved gem. Some of the oldest specimens discovered date all the way back to over 320 million years ago! Amber has been attributed with many positive properties and is incredibly popular with jewellery makers. This is why we are dedicating a whole weekend to this beautiful Gem.

Let’s go on an adventure though time and history!
Contrary to popular belief Amber is not actually fossilised tree sap but is petrified tree resin. The difference is that tree Sap is a mineral rich nutrient water that flows from the roots to the leaves of a plant whereas resin is the oily antiseptic material that protects the tree from infection.

This aromatic resin would often weep and drizzle from the bark as well as fill any internal cracks and fissures. This is one of most exciting aspects of Amber as sometimes it can smother and trap small insects and foliage keeping them preserved within the amber as it hardens for millions of years. Amber is like a looking glass into the past.

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