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Gemma Crow

Gemma Crow - Guest Designer

Company Name:Gemma Crow Jewellery and Tiaras

Website: www.gemmacrow.com
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Favourite quote:
"Never fear the shadows, it simply means that there is a light shining somewhere nearby"
Gemma Crow's Designs
Gemma Crow - jewellery design 1 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 2 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 3 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 4 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 5 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 6 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 7 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 8 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 9 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 10 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 11 Gemma Crow - jewellery design 12

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Enlarged Jewellery Design

Speciality or favourite thing to make?

I love making anything big or bold, so Fascinators, masks, bouquets or anything that makes a statement really!



What’s your day job?

I am a full time Jewellery Designer/Teacher

What is your favourite JM moment?

I have so many! But my favourite has to be when Lucy and I couldn't stop laughing during a felt show, I am sure many people will remember why!

Background/How long have you been making jewellery?

I have been making jewellery for almost 5 years but professionally for 3 years after deciding to turn a hobby into a career, part time at first but now full time.

What courses do you teach both for JM and outside and why?

I run various workshops including 1-1 specialist sessions, 10 week beginner’s jewellery courses and wire work day workshops. I also run hen party jewellery making sessions, which are great fun and even children’s birthday parties (but I am not sure you can call that teaching, more air traffic control!!) For JM I teach the adventures with beading thread, beading for beginners, vintage workshop, wire mesh and Structured Wire Projects.

Who/What else inspires you outside of JM and why?

Figurative art has always been my passion, so for me its form and shape that I find most inspiring. I love creating pieces that echo their environment, and I most enjoy working to themes. I am also very, very fortunate to work with some extremely talented designers that inspire me and keep me hungry to learn new skills.

What is your favourite colour?

It sounds boring but it has to be Black; it can blend, hide, enhance, echo, or contradict, its so versatile and allows everything else to shine! An unsung hero!

What is your favourite gemstone?

I love Labradorite but a close second is apatite, the darker an more included the better!