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Skill Level: Intermediate
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How to create an Amethyst and agate knotted necklace

Learn how to create this distinctive knotted necklace with large barrel shape gemstones which are on trend this spring. This stunning necklace also has a Macrame Solomon's bar clasp, so the length can be adjustable depending on the occasion. See which products you need below and follow the steps to make your very own knotted necklace! Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step one.

To start you need to make a bail for the agate heart. Thread a 3mm spacer bead onto the head pin, then tread through the drill hole on the heart so the spacer bead is to the front of the heart.


Step two.

Place the round nose pliers on the head pin at the back of the heart and bend the wire upwards.


Step three.

Move the pliers up the wire 1cm then bend down.


Step four.

Wind the wire around the front of the heart behind the spacer bead. neatly snip the end off.


Step five.

Take a 2m length of nylon cord, tie a knot at one end. Thread on 13 Amethyst barrels, then the agate heart, then 13 Amethyst barrels.


Step six.

Take the open end of the cord and tie a knot at about 25cm's in.


Step seven.

Push the first barrel up to the knot, tie a overhand knot, place it over a Tpin. Pull tight until the knot is flush up to the barrel.


Step eight.

Push the next barrel up to the Tpin, take the Tpin out then push the second barrel up to the first tightening the knot.


Step nine.

Repeat this until 13 barrels are securely knotted.


Step ten.

After the last knot leave approx 8mm gap for the pendant to hang then form the next knot.


Step eleven.

Repeat the knotting method for the 13 remaining barrels.


Step twelve.

Take the two end cords and place them diagonally across the corner of the macrame board. Create 3cm of square stitch macrame, Trim the ends with the Thread Zap Ultra. This is the Soloman's bar clasp.


Step thirteen.

Trim the cord ends so they are the same length, 25cm's, tie a knot about 5cm's from the end of each. Thread a barrel on each and secure each with another knot. You will need to cut into the second strand of Amethyst.


Step fourteen.

If you loved this project as much as us, go ahead and make make another variation by tying 3 knots in between each!

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