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How to create a Boyfriend Macrame bracelet

Learn how to make this lovely Macrame bracelet with Howlite skull detail. The perfect valentine's gift for gents. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step one

Step one.

Cut 20cm and 2-meter lengths of cord. Attach the 20cm length to the macrame board. Thread on one skull before attaching the bottom cord.

Step two

Step two.

Find the centre of the 2-meter cord, place the centre of the cord under the cord on the board and tie an overhand knot.

Step three

Step three.

Using the 'Square Knot' method create 6cms of Macrame.

Step four

Step four.

Slide the skull up to the last knot, encase the skull with the next knot.

Step five

Step five.

Carry on with the square knots until another 6cms has been created.

Step six

Step six.

Using the Thread Zap ultra, neatly trim the cord next to the last knot.

Step seven

Step seven.

Take the bracelet off the board, reattach with the cords across the corner of the board. cut another 20cm length of cord, tie it onto the cords as with the 2meter length in step 2.

Step Eight

Step eight.

create a 2cm length of square knot. trim cords with the Thread Zap Ultra. this is a 'Solomon's bar' clasp.

Step Nine

Step nine.

To finish the bracelet, tie a knot approximately 6cm from the clasp on each cord then trim with the Thread Zap Ultra.

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