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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a Spinel and Labradorite Drop Necklace

LEARN HOW TO Utilise your jewellery making stash

LEARN HOW TO Utilise your jewellery making stash

To make this necklace you will need; Multicolour Coated Black Spinel Graduated Faceted Drops, Labradorite Graduated Plain Rounds and a Rose Gold findings pack.

This kit will also give you the option to use Red Garnet Graduated Plain Drops, Labradorite Graduated Plain Ovals, or if you prefer, you can use gemstones in your existing jewellery stash to create something beautiful!

Labradorite originates from the island of St Paul in Labrador, Canada! It is referred to as Firestone as if you look internally, the combination of colours can look like 'dancing fire'. Each stone is so unique, portraying beautiful shades of greys, greens and blues.

Spinel is often mistaken for as Ruby, however, it is a much rarer gemstone. Spinel’s name is believed to have derived from the Latin word “spina” meaning “thorn” and refers to the fact that its crystals are often shaped like the thorns of a rose bush!

Have a go at following this step by step tutorial and you will have a very beautiful multi-gem necklace.

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cut chain


Cut 2 x 11cm lengths of the rose gold coloured chain. Cut a 35cm length of beading thread, thread on a crimp bead and one of the lengths of chain, pass the thread back through the crimp bead. Pull to form a neat loop and crimp. Trim the excess thread.

thread graduated beads


Take the strand of coated Spinel drops, cut one end. Take the strand of Labradorite rounds, take the centre 24 rounds make sure to keep them in there graduating order. Starting with a Labradorite thread on all the Spinel drops finishing with a Labradorite.

thread crimp bead and trim


Thread on a crimp bead and the other length of chain. Pass the thread back through the crimp bead, pull to form a small loop and crimp. Trim the excess thread.

add rose gold jump rings and toggle with round nose pliers


Using round nose pliers and 2 of the rose gold coloured jump rings, attach the rose gold coloured toggle clasp to the ends of the chain.

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