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Skill Level: Basic
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How to create a Polaris Amethyst Charm Bracelet

Learn how to create this beautiful, fully adjustable Amethyst and star charm bracelet.

It’s nice to wear visual tokens to stay mindful of your personal goals and aims in life.
This beautiful and charming Polaris charm bracelet is a lovely way to state your intentions and stay focused by using a visual reminder of what you are aiming for! This is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Amethyst is possibly the most recognised and well-loved popular gemstones. Amethyst is great for those who love to feel inspired and can even aid with meditation! Focusing on this remarkable gem in deep concentration is said to enhance a meditative state. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Step One

Cut approx 80cm's of the cord, from one end leave a tail of approx 30cm's and tie an overhand knot. This will hold the beads in place on the finished bracelet


Step Two

Attach the star charm to a jump ring (if you find the loop on the charm is too small to get the jump ring through use an awl pokey tool and gently push it through the loop to make it larger)


Step Three

On the longer side of the cord from the knot thread on the design of amethyst, jump rings, spacers, and star charm as shown


Step Four

Let the design drop down to the knot and tie another knot close to the last amethyst


Step Five

Using a macrame' board wrap the bracelet around one corner so that the ends lay diagonally with each other


Step Six

Cut another length of cord approx 50cm's long and centre it on the diagonal cords with an overhand knot


Step Seven

Now do a section of square knotting to form the sliding Solomon bar. Take the left cord and form a 'd' shape loop over the two cords


Step Eight

Taking the right cord place it over the left passing the end under all of the cords where they cross over and up through the loop created. Pull both ends to tighten


Take the right cord and place it over the bracelet cords creating a 'p' shape loop over the two cords


Step Ten

Taking the left cord and place it over the right passing the end under the two cords where they cross over and up through the loop created. Pull both ends to tighten.


Step Eleven

Repeat steps 7, 8, 9 and 10 until you have approx 1.5 cm's of Solomon bar. Apply glue to the last knot made both sides where the cords exit the bar and along both edges of the Solomon bar being careful not to get glue on the cords passing through. Leave the glue to dry completely before trimming the excess cord


Step Twelve

Decide the length that the ends need to be to get the bracelet over your hand (6 to 8 cms) and tie a knot on each end, apply glue to each knot and leave to dry before trimming

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