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How to create a Rosary Linked Garnet Necklace

Get 15% off and Create an elegant necklace using January's birthstone Garnet. Our kit provides everything you need to make this beautiful necklace you can wear all year round. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Keeping the graduation of the Garnet strand wrap loop as follows; Cut a length of the 0.4 wire approx 7cm's long and bend a tail of approx 3cm's at one end


Step Two

Place the tip of the round nose pliers at the bend in the wire


Step Three

Push the wire over the top prong of the round nose pliers (try and use the same position on your pliers so that all your loops are consistent, marking the pliers with a permanent marker may help with this)


Step Four

Reposition the pliers so that the bottom prong is now in the loop that has started to be created and bring the wire all the way around the prong so that the tail of the wire is at a right angle again


Step Five

Now hold the loop with flat-nose pliers and wrap the tail of the wire 2 - 3 times around the core wire. Trim off the excess wire close to the wrap and press any sharp edges in with the pliers


Step Six

Add a garnet to the wrapped loop element and let it drop down to the loop place the tip of the round nose pliers grabbing the wire on top of the garnet and repeat the wrapped loop as in steps 2 - 5


Step Seven

Repeat the wrapped loop garnet elements remembering now to join the previous element before finishing off the wrapped loop. Continue to make two garnet chain lengths of approx 18cm's or 14 garnet links


Step Eight

Make two wrapped loop elements of 3 shell pearls, add one side to the garnet chain and the other side to the cubic zirconia pear connector before closing


Step Nine

Make an element of a shell pearl and garnet drop using a head pin for the shell pearl. Make a slightly larger loop above the garnet so that two garnet elements can be added to connect the CZ pear connectors each side


Step Ten

Using the 1mm wire from the kit make your own clasp. This video from JM Get started with jewellery maker facebook page will show you how. Copy and paste this link for a closer look at how to make the clasp. https://www.facebook.com/GetStartedwithJM/videos/1811815932201814/ Alternately add a bolt ring clasp to make your necklace ready to wear

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