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How to create Wire work Christmas napkin rings

Get your 1mm wire and create festive charms to make these decorative napkin rings and add the finishing touch to your Christmas table. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Step One

Straighten out approx 40cm's of 1mm wire and place round nose pliers at the centre, bend the wire in half. Pinch together the bend slightly with flat nose pliers


Step Two

Using a mandrel or small pot approx 4cm's in diameter bend the wire around the pot overlapping the ends on the outer edges


Step Three

Trim one end 1cm pass the centre bend and the other end approx 3-4cm's past the centre bend


Step Four

With the shorter end create a loop with round nose pliers


Step Five

With the longer end creat a scroll using round and flat nose pliers


Step Six

Using a jump ring add a charm to the small loop to complete the Napkin ring

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