Making jewellery is one of the most creative hobbies that you can have, and the possibilities for what you can make go far beyond simple beaded bracelets.

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We stock a wide range of additional jewellery making accessories that help you take your work further and really get creative. From glitter and feathers to brighten up your pieces, to gift boxes that are perfect once your jewellery is complete, you’re guaranteed to find all of the extras you’re looking for here at Jewellery Maker. Whether you’re a novice to the art of jewellery making or have been creating your own pieces for years, you’re sure to be impressed by the range of jewellery making accessories that we have on offer. Experimenting with new methods and accessories is the best way to improve your skills, as well as enhancing the pieces that you make. Firstly, take a look at our mesh sheets, which are a simple but effective way to add texture to your projects. Available in an assortment of colours, these are part of a popular technique used within beadwork to create some truly unique pieces. Another well-loved way of adding interest to jewellery is to add pendants and charms, particularly to necklaces or bracelets. Silicone moulds are the ideal way to add these, and with a little practise are easy to use. Some of our most popular jewellery making accessories are our range of glitters, enamelling powders and fabric paints. Allowing you to create wonderful effects on bracelets and necklaces, these materials help you to give your pieces a beautiful, personal finish. If you are looking to add colour, texture or sheen, you can also find the right tools and brushes that you will need to complete the task to a professional standard. Our tool kits include essentials needed for both basic and elaborate designs, including pliers and wire cutters for easy jewellery crafting. Making jewellery is a pastime that requires time and skill, so it’s only right that your finished pieces are stored somewhere befitting. Our selection of organza bags, folding boxes and gift boxes are the perfect way to present your finished trinkets. Whether you’re planning to give a bracelet as a present to a loved one, or need somewhere to keep all of your projects safe and clean, our storage solutions are must have accessories for your jewellery projects. With the range of jewellery making accessories available, you can create pieces that suit any style you wish, from flamboyant, abstract necklaces to simple, elegant earrings. Designed to complement the array of genuine gems, chains and other materials available at Jewellery Maker, our accessories collection is more advanced than ever. Perfect for hobbyists but also suitable for professional jewellers and students, these accessories open up endless possibilities for creating jewellery.