Whether you are just starting your journey into jewellery making or have experience in silversmith-ing, you will find that stunning, finished Argentium pieces can be quickly and easily achieved, with a little guidance and practice.

Argentium jewellery


* Accessible for all levels of Jewellery Makers
* Superior Tarnish Resistance
* Hypoallergenic
* Whiter & Brighter Finish than other precious metals

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The inventor of Argentium Silver explains the properties of this modern sterling silver alloy. Lucian Taylor and Ndidi Ekubia demonstrate their use of Argentium 935 and 960.



Argentium Silver has a range of extraordinary and unique working and physical attributes, making it the perfect choice for both experienced jewellers and total beginners who have never used silver before in their work. Whilst all of Argentium’s attributes are amazing, the single most exciting one for jewellers is how easy Argentium can be fused to both itself, and other precious and non-precious metals. Not only does the fusing property open up new and exciting ways to design and construct jewellery (as can be seen on the demos), it also makes jewellery making cleaner, faster and more fun. Argentium’s whiter appearance makes it the perfect material for setting your JewelleryMaker stone purchases, or combining with your bead and pearl purchases.