Winter at Chestnut Close - By Mark Smith

Winter has arrived at Chestnut Close and it’s so so cool! Well it’s a bit frosty actually, but the snow on the ground certainly adds to the atmosphere!   Mark Smith’s much anticipated fourth instalment of his Chestnut Close Collection is launching on JewelleryMaker on Thursday 15th December at 10am! Don’t miss out on this extra special collection from Mark, it's winterful!

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A plant of peace, and known as an honour for any tree it grows on. According to ancient custom after each kiss under the mistletoe, a berry is removed until they are all gone.


“ When the Robin appears, Loved ones are near” The Robin has a very special place in our hearts and gardens. A symbol of good luck, happiness the Robin is seen as a messenger for lost loved ones.


A tiny fragile flower, the Snowdrop is seen as a bringer of hope during the cold frosty winter. It tells us all that spring is imminent A bringer of bad luck if picked. Also known as ‘Milkflower of the sun’.


The daffodil blooms signify spring is on its way A cheerful flower with its sunshine smile. The Tenth wedding anniversary flower. Pick a daffodil under the light of a full moon will bring you good luck the rest of the year.

Blue Tit

A very spiritual bird, the Blue Tit is closely linked with love hope and faithfulness Blue Tits don’t migrate and in fact team up with the same mate for life An adult Blue Tit weighs the same as a pound coin.


“Oh, little mouse With grasping tail And tiny feet You climb tall stems of swaying wheat Reaching the top You eat the grain Then skilfully Climb down again”