Join Gemstone expert Dave Troth as he brings us this exciting collection of handpicked treasures. Dave has over 10 years of experience in the gemstone industry. His expertise is second to none.

We are extremely lucky to have Dave select some of his favourite jewellery for you to peruse at your pleasure. Travelling the World to bring you the very best jadeite, freshwater pearls, and more.

Natural Coloured Pearls

This extremely exciting opportunity to purchase natural-coloured pearls will not be around for long. The first harvest of these natural pearls was in 2018. By 2019 they hit the gem market, sending it into a frenzy. An almost 'break the internet' moment for the pearl industry. These pearls have been meticulously cared for and nurtured since 2019. The sales of these gorgeous gemstomes was abruptly halted due to the unforeseen circumstances of the recent pandemic. We're finally lucky enough to bring them to you at these incredible prices. The team here at Jewellery Maker have worked extremely hard to source these special pearls. Shop natural coloured pearls

Type A Jadeite

Previously we have been only able to bring you types B and C jadeite due to the nature in which it is mined from Mynanmar (Burma) and directly transported into Asian countries, predominantly China. The Chinese community have adored this material for centuries and have historically paid the highest premium to import 100% natural Type A jadeite. We are now extremely proud to finally be able to offer a small quantity of type A jadeite to you. Lucky enough to be one of the few jewellery houses around the world to secure this stock. Do not miss this opportunity to get your hands on these incredible pieces while they last. They are sure not to be around for long. Shop Type A Jadeite